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Subject line of email: Use SPEAKING to GROW your Biz FAST!

Hi (Name),

I wanted to tell you about my friend’s Mark & Shannon’s event, Big Impact Live: Speak Your Path To Cash. (add your affiliate link as a hyperlink here) so you can learn how to make 6 Figures+ using SPEAKING. They’ll show you how to get the speaking gigs, how to rock your talk and monetize your message… so you can make the difference you’re called to make. They already have over 200 enrolled… and GREAT NEWS, they’re giving my community (that’s YOU) first dibs on discount tickets to Big Impact Live for only $97…($900 savings).

Get your ticket here (again hyperlink with your customized affiliate link).

If you want to use SPEAKING to grow your business FAST… I highly recommend you go.. it’s gonna ROCKKK!


P.S I personally endorse Mark & Shannon’s work, claim your Ticket NOW (hyperlink with your affiliate link).

Subject line of email: SPEAK Your Path To Cash (LAST CHANCE)

Dear (Name),

My friends Mark & Shannon will be revealing their entire Speak Your Path To Cash System (hyperlink to your affiliate link), and how to make $10K+ a month… while making a bigger difference. All at Big Impact Live! If you want to grow your business FAST using Speaking, this is a MUST ATTEND event.

I believe in their work so much and I get special insider tickets to Big Impact Live for only $97. ($900 savings!). Get your ticket here (hyperlink to your affiliate link)


PS. Tickets will sell out, register now!

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